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2008 God's Final Witness by Ronald Weinland

By Ronald Weinland

2008-God's ultimate Witness unearths the timing of catastrophic end-time occasions that might amplify around the globe and lead to the entire loss of life of the USA inside of years. Ronald Weinland states that 2008 will mark the start of the ultimate occasions that may thrust the area into the nice tribulation, with the intention to herald global struggle III. This final struggle could be the results of clashing religions and the governments they sway. This newest ebook explains end-time prophecies and the explanations such harmful occasions needs to come to move. It additionally tells of God's intervention to avoid wasting mankind from his self-imposed destruction, the tip of man's self-rule, and the start of God's executive being confirmed over all international locations. 2008-God's ultimate Witness is a revelation of the publication of Revelation. Ronald Weinland states that he has been given the duty of unveiling the reality approximately these issues John wrote. This booklet additionally finds the Seven Thunders of the ebook of Revelation, which the apostle John was once now not allowed to record.

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When Abram and Sarai (whose names were later changed to Abraham and Sarah) were first called, no one else was being worked with by God. There were other several hundred-year periods when only a handful of people were worked with by God. Six million people were delivered from the oppression of Pharaoh in Egypt. God worked with only a few of them in a spiritual manner, during forty years in the wilderness, for the purpose of becoming part of His future government. ” Over the past 2,000 years, God has used the organized environment of His Church and His trained ministry to work with larger numbers of people.

As of this very moment, there are some now living, whom God has finished training, who have been sealed. There are a very few others who are yet to complete that training, and as soon as they have, then they too will be sealed. When that sealing is complete, then the entire 144,000 will be sealed. Then, the Seventh Seal will be opened, and those four angels, who had been restrained, will blow their trumpets. The result will lead to the demise of the United States. This same angel, who set the seal of God on those who finished their training, announced the total number of all those whom God would seal—144,000.

At this present time, six seals have been opened; but because the world is so far removed from God, it has not recognized the events that have been unfolding during this period of time. These very events are leading up to the opening of the Seventh Seal and the greatest time of destruction the world has ever known. Even as God’s own Church was caught completely off guard when the Seals of Revelation began to be opened, the world will be caught off guard when the Seventh Seal is opened. At this very moment in writing, it has been precisely eleven years since the First Seal of Revelation was opened.

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