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A History of Rome Through the Fifth Century; Volume II: The by Editor Jones A.H.M.

By Editor Jones A.H.M.

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This type of province already existed under Augustus; it was small and unimportant. On the imperial titulature and powers Dio reflects the constitutional thinking of his own day, but is tolerably accurate on his facts. lmperator was used twice, as a first name (praenomen) by Augustus, and from Nero onward; and with a number to mark the number of times that an emperor had been so saluted by the army (on his accession and FOUNDATION OF THE PRINCIPATE for subsequent victories). Neither the praenomen nor the title of imperator had any constitutional significance.

In my own name, or that of my sons or grandsons, on twenty-six occasions I gave to the people, in the circus, in the forum, or in the amphitheater, hunts of African wild beasts, in which about three thousand five hundred beasts were slain. 2 3· I gave the people the spectacle of a naval battle beyond the Tiber, at the place where now stands the grove of the Caesars, the ground having been excavated for a length of eighteen hundred and a breadth of twelve hundred feet. In this spectacle thirty beaked ships, triremes or biremes, and a large number of smaller vessels met in conflict.

This passage describes in lyrical terms the restoration of the republican form of government after the triumviral period, which is mentioned in § 34 of Augustus' Res Gestae. Octavian, as it appears from that passage, renounced the extraordinary powers which he had hitherto exercised in virtue of the oath of allegiances (see No. c. In return he received a massive group of provinces, which contained most of the legions (see Nos. 3, 4), with powers of peace and war. He may also have been given some vague authority over the republic as a whole (see Nos.

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