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Aboriginal Populations in the Mind: Race and Primitivity in by Celia Brickman

By Celia Brickman

What half does racial distinction play in psychoanalysis? What might be realized while contemplating this question from a postcolonial standpoint? during this sophisticated and commanding research, Celia Brickman explores how the colonialist racial discourse of late-nineteenth-century anthropology chanced on its method into Freud´s paintings, the place it got here to play a covert yet the most important function in his notions of subjectivity. Brickman argues that the typical psychoanalytic thought of "primitivity" as an early degree of mental improvement inevitably consists of with it implications of an anthropologically understood "primitivity," which used to be conceived by way of Freud -and possibly nonetheless is this day -in colonialist and racial phrases. She relates the racial subtext embedded in Freud´s inspiration to his representations of gender and faith and exhibits how this subtext kinds a part of the bigger historicizing development of the psychoanalytic undertaking. eventually, she indicates how colonialist lines have made their means into the blueprint for the scientific psychoanalytic dating and issues to modern tendencies in psychoanalysis which could make attainable a disengagement from this legacy.

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This figure, which hearkened back to Greek and Roman classical traditions, was to embark on its own career in the figure of the Noble Savage who embodied the natural goodness of the uncivilized. 9 By the time of the Renaissance, ancient Greek traditions of the Golden Age—a (lost) paradise of simplicity and happiness—had combined with medieval visions of the Land of the Blest and an Earthly Paradise to create the myth of a land “of peace and plenty hidden afar in the western seas,”10 where the Noble Savage lived in innocence and peacefulness, without want, conflict, property, or laws.

P. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0–231–12582–8 (cloth : alk. paper)— ISBN 0–231–12583–6 (paper : alk. paper) 1. Psychoanalysis. 2. Freud, Sigmund, 1856–1939 I. Title. 19′5—dc21 2002041423 A Columbia University Press E-book. edu. CONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction 1. The Figure of the Primitive: A Brief Genealogy 2. Psychoanalysis and the Colonial Imagination: Evolutionary Thought in Freud’s Texts 3. Race and Gender, Primitivity and Femininity: Psychologies of Enthrallment 4.

Forty years ago Philip Rieff wrote that “the connection between psychoanalysis and Lamarckianism cannot be overemphasized,”3 stressing Freud’s wholehearted adoption of the theory of the inheritance of acquired characteristics that was a staple of nineteenth-century social evolutionary and anthropological thought. 5 The racial subtext in psychoanalysis arises not from a racist animus on Freud’s part but from the logical force and implications of this category and the network of evolutionary theories from which its meanings derived, a category and a network that Freud made use of and that fit into the modernist temporal framework (the present overcoming the primitive past) of his work.

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