ABSITE Slayer (Surgery) by Dale A. Dangleben, James Lee, Firas Madbak

By Dale A. Dangleben, James Lee, Firas Madbak

The final practise software for the yankee Board of surgical procedure In-Training Examination

ABSITE Slayer is a rigorous, high-yield evaluate that focuses particularly at the American Board of surgical procedure In-Training exam. Designed to minimize pre-test anxiousness and assist you in achieving the top ranking attainable, this robust examine reduction presents an entire framework to your examination practise and is additionally the most productive last-minute assessment to be had. you will discover every little thing you must ace the examination in a single complete package--from Q&A and full-color illustrations to "make or holiday" tips--from professional authors who understand precisely what it takes to excel.

Here's why this can be the simplest ABSITE review:

  • More than three hundred multiple-choice questions and greater than 1,000 quick-hit unmarried resolution questions
  • Test-taking counsel which could spell the variation among luck and failure at the examination
  • Numerous full-color illustrations of must-know anatomy
  • Valuable medical pearls
  • Easy-to-retain concise textual content
  • Logical organ-based association, that still comprises chapters on pharmacology, anesthesia, mobile biology, and fluids/electrolytes/nutrition

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This can lead to finding information that you have not totally mastered and may affect your confidence for the exam. If you are going to review a topic, choose a topic in which you are well versed to boost your confidence for the exam. 9. Layer your clothing for the exam. You never know what the room temperature will be like. 10. Eat breakfast but avoid eating heavy foods. Bring snacks to the test. 11. ” There is little fluff in the questions. If they wanted you to know more, they would have told you!

Failure of the Kasai procedure; failure to thrive; recurrent cholangitis; typical signs of end-stage liver disease CHILD-TURCOTTE-PUGH SCORE OF THE SEVERITY OF LIVER DISEASE Number of points given to the following conditions … Encephalopathy None—1 point Grade I-II—2 points Grade III-IV encephalopathy—3 points Ascites None—1 point Slight—2 points Moderate—3 points Total bilirubin Total bilirubin level <2 mg/dL—1 point Total bilirubin level 2 to 3 mg/dL—2 points Total bilirubin >3 mg/dL—3 points PANCREAS TRANPLANT What are the indications for pancreas transplant?

Phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine Which portion of the cell wall provides capacitance (ability to store charge)? Lipid portion of plasma membrane Which portion provides ability to resist charge? Protein portion What is the difference between surface antigens in the ABO system versus HLA system? ABO = glycolipids HLA = glycoproteins Name the adhesion molecules that anchor a cell to other cells or the extracellular matrix: Desmosomes/hemidesmosomes Cell-cell occluding junctions that form an impermeable barrier: Tight junctions Toxic portion of lipopolysaccharide complex: Lipid A CELL STRUCTURES Name the thin filaments that interact with myosin: Actin Name the thick filaments that slide along actin utilizing ATP: Myosin Intermediate filament found in hair and nails: Keratin Intermediate filament found in muscle: Desmin Intermediate filament found in fibroblasts: Vimentin Form specialized cellular structures such as mitotic spindles, cilia, and neuronal axons; forms lattice inside the cell to aid in transport of organelles in cell: Microtubules Specialized microtubule that form spindle fibers during cell division: Centriole Structural component of cell that synthesizes exported proteins: Rough endoplasmic reticulum Structural component of cell that detoxifies drugs and is involved with lipid/steroid synthesis: Smooth endoplasmic reticulum Structural component of a cell that uses carbohydrates to modify proteins and targets proteins to lysosomes: Golgi apparatus Structure inside the cell that has a double membrane with an outer membrane that is continuous with the rough endoplasmic reticulum: Nucleus Structure inside the nucleus where ribosomes are made: Nucleolus Cell structure responsible for energy production: Mitochondria GENETICS Consists of proteins, histones, and double-stranded helical DNA Chromosomes Adenine and guanine are examples of: Purines Cytosine, thymidine, and uracil are examples of: Pyramidines FIGURE 1-1.

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