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Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary by Aleister Crowley

By Aleister Crowley

This can be a revised and up to date version of an important and available guideline to be had to scholars of the occult in regards to the perform of maintaining a mystical diary.

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Insist on pupils writing down their whole day; the playas well as the work. ') (JSJ, p. 13) Introduction / xxxiii And as you go on with the diary practice, you'll probably recognize this line of thinking. It is true, by the way. , of emphasizing things for their literary effect, and diminishing the importance of others which lend themselves less obviously. But the answer to this, friend Satan! is that the Canon of Art is Truth, and the Canon of Magic is Truth; my true record will make a good book, and my true book will make a good record.

That I will perform all things and endure all things: John St. John / 7 VI. that I will continue in the Knowledge and Conversation of My Holy Guardian Angel: VII. that I will work without attachment: VIII. that I will work in truth: IX. that I will rely only upon myself: X. that I will interpret every phenomenon as a particular dealing of God with my soul. And if I fail herein, may my pyramid be profaned, and the Eye be closed upon me! All this did I swear and seal with a stroke upon the Bell. Then I steadily sat down in my Asana (or sacred Posture), having my left heel beneath my body pressing into the anus, my right sole closely covering the phallus, the right leg verticalj my head, neck, and spine in one straight verticallinej my arms stretched out resting on their respective kneesj my thumbs joined each to the fourth finger of the proper hand.

Read Ritual DCLXXI. [The nature of this Ritual is explained later. lD. I have returned from my shopping. Strange how solemn and dignified so trivial a thing becomes, once one has begun to concentrate! I bought two pears, half a pound of Garibaldi biscuits, and a packet of Gaufrettes. I had a citron pressel too, at the Dome. At the risk of violating the precepts of Zoroaster 170 and 144 I propose to do a Tarot divination for this Operation. I should explain first that I write this record for other eyes than mine, since I am now sufficiently sure of myself to attain something or otherj but I cannot foretell exactly what form the attainment may take.

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