Alis by Naomi Rich

By Naomi Rich

At fourteen, Alis hasn't ever been open air her strict spiritual neighborhood. but if her mom and dad set up for her to marry a forty-year-old guy, she flees desperately to the damaging, strange urban. She learns speedy that the one option to live to tell the tale there's to turn into a thief—or worse. dealing with an most unlikely selection among a pressured marriage or existence at the streets, Alis seizes keep an eye on of her personal destiny. however the course she chooses units off a disastrous chain of occasions that depart her accused of homicide. Steadfastly unswerving, Alis needs to make a decision: will she betray a friend or sacrifice herself?

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Alis sat motionless with horror. Thomas was still standing, white-faced with fury, his fists clenching and unclenching at his sides. At last he seated himself again at the table and looked at her. When he spoke, it was in a voice held steady by effort. “I must join the others. ” Clouds had already hidden the sun as they crossed the empty square to the prayer house where the Elders were to gather. The air felt cold. The wooden platform with its great post dominated the scene. Alis had no need, now, to ask what it was for.

The boy, Peter, was full of mischief, always up to something—tumbling out of trees and falling into streams; pestering the older boys to take him fishing, then getting in the way and spoiling their sport. ” Then she turned quickly to other subjects—the farmer Ahab’s accident and the fire at an outlying grain store. She could not see why these things should interest him but he listened attentively. When she paused, at a loss for further tales to tell, he said, “And what about your good Minister?

More than once, lately, he had suggested that it was time Alis behaved more soberly, or hinted that she was too much inclined to question, when she should simply obey. The shutters were closed against the winter afternoon. An oil lamp, burning steadily on the table, cast shadows on whitewashed walls and struck gleams from the polished wood of the bookcase where the precious volumes were kept. A small fire struggled in the hearth. In black lettering above the door lintel ran the words Praised be the Maker who created us all and in whom we trust.

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