Allgemeine Relativitatstheorie by T. Fliessbach

By T. Fliessbach

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We define an index δ = s, s + 1, . , which labels the angular momentum quantum numbers which index the separation constants ΦΛ . In this case the index Λ on the radial and angular functions and the separation constants is Λ = {s, β, δ, m}, and so depends on the spin of the field s as well the quantum numbers. 19). 10) is the same as for a four-dimensional Kerr black hole. The angular functions SΛ (∂ ) are spin-weighted spheroidal functions. 10) subject to the boundary conditions of regularity on the axis of rotation of the black hole, where ∂ = 0, τ .

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One of the pair falls down the event horizon; the other escapes to infinity. The particle at infinity must have positive energy as seen by an observer at infinity, so the particle which falls down the horizon must have negative energy as seen by an observer far from the black hole. The observer at infinity therefore sees quantum emission from the black hole. Moreover, this quantum emission seen by an observer far from the black hole has a very special form: that of an (almost) perfect black body.

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