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Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins (SPR Amino Acids, by John S. Davies

By John S. Davies

Integral reference resource for researchers within the pharmaceutical and allied industries, and on the biology/chemistry interface in academia. summary: integral reference resource for researchers within the pharmaceutical and allied industries, and on the biology/chemistry interface in academia. learn more...

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So, it is not economically efficient, considering its operating costs. Since technically recrystallization can also be applied, but some racemic mixtures cannot be separated by it, the application of N-acyl-D-amino acid amidohydrolase is one of the most useful and convenient methods for the production of D-amino acids at present. 177 One of the main difficulties of chiral separation of pharmaceuticals by membrane ultrafiltration is the low separation factor compared to conventional chromatography or affinity chromatography.

Proteomic studies demand new scalable and automatable MS-based methods with higher specificity and accuracy. An accurate and efficient method has been described for both precise quantification and comprehensive de novo identification of peptide sequences in complex mixtures. The unique feature of this method is based on the incorporation of deuterium-labeled (heavy) lysines into proteins through in vivo cell culturing, which introduces specific mass tags at the carboxyl termini of proteolytic peptides when cleaved by certain proteases.

Racemic Ca-fluoroalkyl amino acids have been synthesized from fluorinated pyruvates. 100 Optically pure aliphatic amino acids having easily replaceable functional groups at the o-positions are highly interesting synthetic targets, as the functional group at the o-position can be modified to the required group, which provide a series of nonnatural amino acids. The scope of the reported methods for the synthesis of o-haloa-amino acids are limited due to many reasons such as, the formation of racemic products with difficulty in purification, involve tedious procedures and resulting in 36 | Amino Acids, Pept.

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