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An Enchanted Life: An Adept's Guide to Masterful Magick by Patricia J. Telesco

By Patricia J. Telesco

Takes you past the "101" magical books. This booklet is designed as a helpmate, guiding the reader to maneuver at his or her personal speed, utilizing own imaginative and prescient as a advisor and guru. it's written particularly for the religious seeker who's aiming towards enlightenment within the the following and now via dependable, life-affirming, artistic magick.

Beginning with a second of introspection, that will help you think of the place your course has taken you to date, and in case you are really able to take the following steps towards adept dwelling, the booklet then presents good rules and actions to problem the spirit together with:

* Defining actual understanding.
* studying to take advantage of the senses to reinforce magickal approaches and increase perception.
* making a choice on the magickal arts most suitable for your ambitions and progress.
* discovering, connecting with, and honoring one's "Tribe" for either aid and fellowship.

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Let the feeling generated by the texture match the magickal theme. Besides fabric and clothing, the texture of special objects, such as a tumbled crystal versus a faceted one, can help too. A smooth brass wand feels and responds very differently from a natural wooden one, for example. Smell Incense, anointing oils, perfumes, colognes, potpourri, flower arrangements, tinctures, and even air and carpet fresheners become the tools for this sense. If, for example, you’re working a love spell in your home, clean the rug beforehand with a rose powder so that the smell and vibration remain to augment your work.

Practice 17 (page 17 ) for enchanted living is that our lives are the act of worship; we are the magick, and everything else is simply icing on the cake. The Sacred really doesn’t care about our tools or clothing; those items are intended to get us past ourselves so we can focus on the mystical. Nonetheless, in the quest for enchanted living and the desire to become more spiritually adept, we have to be ready to accept the power within us. With this in mind, I’d like to take a closer look at the value and function of the senses as a viable physical, readily available tool for our ongoing spiritual growth.

You can change the basic patterns in this exercise to any geometric figure, gliff, sigil, or other sacred pattern you wish. Each time, follow the process of first honing your understanding of that pattern, then adding another motif to it. Keep diligent notes of what you discover in this process, as I can promise you will find them helpful in enchanted living. By the way, it’s often helpful to work with just one pattern (a simple one) at first for at least six months when trying to wrap your hands around this whole concept.

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