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An Introduction to Ritual Magic by Dion Fortune

By Dion Fortune

Briefly, during this precise collaboration of 2 magical practitioners and academics we're provided with a useful and up to date textual content at the perform of formality magic "as it is". that's to assert, as a pragmatic, non secular, and psychic self-discipline, faraway from the lurid superstition and hypothesis which are the hallmark of its remedy in sensational journalism.

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It has no hopes, no fears; it does not know anxiety as a chief motive of its deeds. It is not free in the sense that its acting could transcend the limits established by its creator. Therefore it cannot have other conflicts of interest and of motives except those implanted into it by the social scientist. The personal ideal-type cannot err if erring is not its inbuilt feature. It cannot perform an act outside its typical motives, its typical means-ends relations and its typical situations as provided for by the scientist.

The worlds both of the natural and the social scientists are neither more nor less real than the world of thought can be in general. The latter is not the world within which we act and in which we are born and die. But it is the home of those important events and achievements which we call culture. Social scientists may continue to work in full confidence. Governed by the aforementioned postulates their clarified methods offer them the assurance that they will never lose contact with the world of daily life.

Thereby we find the transition from our duree to the spatial time that governs our everyday life-world. On the other hand, Husserl has shown that we group our world around our body together with its perspectives and horizons; it constitutes the "hic" ("here") that is the center of the system of co-ordinates that we apply to the world. By our locomotion we shift this center and therewith our entire system of co-ordinates. What previously was an "over there", an "illic", now becomes a "hic".

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